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Wishlist 2 (work in constant progress)


My mom says my wishlist is unrealistic. I don’t think so. This wishlist on the other hand…

A timeturner. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this device helps Hermione take all the elective courses she wants. By turning time, she can be in two or more places at once. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t use time travel only to take dozens of courses each semester. Think of all the interesting vacations time travel makes possible. Instead of going to a different country, I could travel to a different era. And history research would be a lot more fun.

A pensieve. While we’re on the subject of things I wish were available outside of Hogwarts, think what a great study tool a pensieve would be. A pensieve is a place to store memories. I would store lectures there, and then attend them once again right before exams. Instead of sending lecture notes to people, I could send them the actual lecture. This means that out of a group of friends, only one would actually have to experience any one event, and then the memory can be shared. This gives a whole new dimension to pirate copies of movies for example. You go to the movies, and then you sell your memory of the movie. They can’t throw you out of the theater for using a camera, because your’re not.

The ability to learn languages instantly. Imagine just being able to download an entire language into my brain. Yes, I know every student sooner or later wishes that they didn’t have to learn, that they could just instantly know. But think what this could do for the world… instead of everyone speaking the same language, what if everyone could speak every language?

Keeping up with the Harry Potter theme, I would love a Marauder’s Map of Blindern. Instead of constant text messaging and Facebook status checking, we could just search for our friends at lunch time (Are they in the cafeteria? On their way to the bakery? Reading in the library? Still having breakfast at home?!? At this hour!?!?)

Of course, the ability to read people’s minds. Haven’t we all wished for that at some point or the other? I think, though,  that it would make life too easy. It would at least change my life so dramatically that I don’t really know if I would want it. But if I could have this wish granted every once in a while, at least if someone was thinking about me…

Slightly more likely wishes (these exist, at least somewhere in the world, not that I can necessarily afford them)

Kitchen knives with built-in graters, peelers etc. Not the greatest thing on earth or anything, but hey, why not?

"Flirty cow" laptop bag Sure, my backpack with built-in laptop pocket is practical, and my various bags and purses are nice, but this… Any girl as simultaniously geeky and fashion-conscious as I am should have something like this. Expensive, though.

On/Off coffee mug – I’ve stopped drinking a big mug of black coffee every morning, now that I have an espresso machine, but I still love this.

I won’t even start with the shoes. Not with the books or clothes either.

2 thoughts on “Wishlist 2 (work in constant progress)

  1. I stedet for evnen til å lære deg språk på et blunk kan du kanskje ønske deg en Babel Fish.

  2. and the ability to transfer feelings and urges to other people. Imagine how neat, when you’re at the movies, watching an exciting show (might even be featuring Jude Law’s penis) and you feel nature’s calling, to just transfer that feeling to the annoying cell phone talking teenager sitting in front of you. And why stop there. You could become a super villain. Eat lots of chilli before robbing a bank, when the police gets there… well, you get the picture. Or do heroine in court, if you’re ever caught.

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