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Remembering October 2001

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Memes are good for wasting time. This means I should stay away from them. But this one, where you compare yourself now to the way you were five years back, was interesting. Not that my answers are necessarily that interesting, but reading my diary entries from October 2001 was. I thought I hadn’t changed much: I still worry about US foreign policy, I still visit Aina, I still stay up late writing when I shouldn’t, I still collect quotes, but reading my thoughts from five years ago, I realize that I really have changed.


How old were you?

What grade were you in?

10th grade

Where did you go to school?
Tranby Ungdomsskole

Where did you work?
I didn’t. We had to work for a day to raise money for a charity for school (Operasjon Dagsverk), and I worked with elementary school kids for a day, teaching them about Halloween

Where did you live?
Tranby (Lier)

Where did you hang out?
Mostly at friends’ houses in Lier, but sometimes we went to Drammen, or I went to Asker to meet Aina. I did go to Oslo, but not that month (!)

How was your hair style?
Basic, shoulder-length, often in a pony-tail.

Did you wear braces?
Not anymore

Did you wear glasses?

Who was your best friend(s)?

Who was your celebrity-crush?
I don’t think I had one. At least, I can’t remember, and there are no mentions of anything in my diary.

Who was your regular-person crush?
hehe, regular-person crush. I had just finished a “regular-person crush”.

How many tattoos did you have?

How many piercings did you have?
Two (my ears)

What car did you drive?
I didn’t

What was your favorite band/group?
Oh, who knows? The only band mentioned that month is Destiny’s Child, because that music was on at a party. I didn’t really have music I liked or disliked at the time. Everyone at my school was listening to the same music, so I didn’t really have a lot of options. Yeah, I lived in Lier.

What was your worst fear?
From my diary entries, I was concerned about cancer. Seriously. Not getting it myself, I think it just scared me that so many people seemed to be dying of it.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?
No. What kind of question is that? As if everyone smokes sooner or later…?

Had you driven yet?

Had you been arrested?

Had you been to a real party yet?
Real party? That’s a matter of definition. I wouldn’t call the parties I went to “real” today, but I think I thought I had been to a real party.

Had you had your heart broken?
I was overdramatic, yes, but I never thought of myself as heartbroken.

Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/no comment:


How old are you?

What grade are you in?
Third semester of college.

Where do you go to school?
The University of Oslo

Where do you work?
At a store that sells dance supplies.

Where do you live?
St. Hanshaugen

Where do you hang out?
In Oslo: at home, in friends’ apartments, in coffee shops, but mostly at the University.

Do you have braces?

Do you wear glasses?

Still talk to any of your old friends?
Aina and Kristine. I had a feeling in October 2001 that I probably wouldn’t be talking to any of the others by now. Not that I didn’t want to, I just wrote that I probably wouldn’t.

Who is your celebrity-crush?
I don’t think I really believe in celebrity crushes. Never have, at least not for long.

Who is your real-person-crush?
Remember the part about this blog being only part of my mind?

How many piercings do you have?
Still two.

How many tattoos do you have?
Still none

What is your favorite group/band/artist?
Now, let’s see. Who are my bookmarked artists on Pandora…?

What is your biggest fear?
Having to do the impossible, like being asked serious questions like that and having to answer in only one sentence.

Have you been arrested since?

Has your heart been broken?

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