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The 100th entry

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Yes, this is it. There are 100 published entries on this blog. And I can’t resist thinking back on what I’ve written so far and reflecting on my experience with blogging.

I’ve learned two things: 

First, I have to write when I’m inspired. I can’t plan what I’m going to blog, or when I’m going to blog. And if I ever tell anyone: "I’m blogging this!",  I won’t.

Second, I never know which entries will affect others. Sometimes I just rant to release some steam and I end up getting invited to lunch and recieving a 500 NOK gift certificate. And sometimes I jot down a little link and it leads to an article in a major newspaper. And thanks to this post, I’m in the student government all of a sudden. But as of today, an average entry on this blog has 1.45 comments, and that’s not much

I won’t tell you what I plan on blogging in the future (even though I really want to) because then I won’t blog it. All I can say is there will be definitely be more books, more coffee, more international studies, more thoughts I just need to write down somewhere – in short, more of what’s on my mind


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