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Back to school!

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I’m back from Rome, and I’m back at school. It felt great to walk to school this morning for a back-to-school breakfast with friends and be surrounded by other students all walking in the same direction. I never thought I would be happy to just do what everyone else was doing, but this morning, I was. I know there will come a time when I want to sleep until twelve, when I can’t get through a two hour lecture without a large dose of crappy coffee, when I read the same sentence three times and still can’t concentrate long enough to understand the point (let alone remember it) and when I ache for the freedom to do nothing without a guilty conscience. But that time is not now. Right now, I want to buy notebooks and highlighters that I don’t really need, I want to stand in line at the bookstore, I want to read for hours, and seeing pictures of my university like the ones above make me smile. I wonder how long this insanity will last, but the extra energy is nice.


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