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Just something that caught my eye:

Marginal Revolution lists reasons to love the suburbs, including this one:

"Many of my friends who live in Manhattan lose interest in global travel or never acquire it. Sadly they feel they already have everything they need from the world right at home."

This is such a silly, backward way of thinking: "If I can choose, that means I can make the wrong choice! Someone please limit my options!"

Fortunately the first comment points out what should be obvious, but isn’t, to many parents:

"Unfortunately those who purchase residential property and those who live in it are not one and the same. Consider the average teen trapped in the remote exurbs of a sprawling city, with arterial roads not designed for bikes (and in the US, continental weather often incompatible with cycling), and no public transport. I was amazed when I lived in Kansas City how many colleagues regarded the place as a paradise for children, when to me it looked like a prison with a super-expensive private parent-run taxi system. Give me my urban London commuter town upbringing any day!"

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