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Marginal Revolution


Marginal Revolution is a blog I recommend. They always seem to have good stuff, like a link to the guy who’s trying to trade a red paperclip for a house (and he’ll probably succeed) or their series on "Markets in everything" showing us all the useless and unusual things that people surprisingly are willing to pay for. Sometimes they follow the same method as the great book Freakonomics: examining things that apparently have nothing to do with economics with an economist’s perspective; this is more entertaining than it sounds.

In this post, Alex Taborrak complains about the tyranny of the alphabet. He comments on the fact that authors of papers have their names listed alphabetically, which often means that only those with names that start with A-L get their names into referances. The same goes for blogs. Bloglines lists feeds alphabetically, and I read one of my father’s posts much earlier if he posts it in English on Applied Abstractions instead of in Norwegian on Tversover. (And I’m always way behind when it comes to reading Quotes or Vampus’ posts)

My own blog, however, is perfectly named. 

5 thoughts on “Marginal Revolution

  1. The paperclip guy succeeded just a few days ago, so congrats to him!

  2. What? Not according to his site! Link! … please…

    Perhaps not the most reliable source, but this is what I’ve read.

  4. Yes, the paperclip guy now has a year’s free rent for a house in Phoenix, but he wants to own a house. And so he is trying to get someone who actually wants to live in Phoenix for a year to give him something better than a year’s free rent. So he’s not quite there yet, but he will be soon.

  5. That’s what you get for not doing your research…
    Well, keep us posted on the progress, ‘ey?

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