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I shouldn’t be typing this. My wrist problem from last summer is back, and it seems that typing is bad for me. I’ve been joking about athletes who work so hard to maintain their bodies that they ruin themselves, but it seems that writing can also cause injuries.
That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I received a comment a short while back complimenting my English and urging me to write more in this language. I can only say: thank you! And I will. The things I write in Norwegian are almost always on subjects that aren’t that relevant to my English readers, such as local news, comments on articles or blogs written in Norwegian, or thoughts on the Norwegian language itself.
I’m going to Prague on a class trip on Wednesday, so I will give my wrists a rest and hopefully come back with plenty of new thoughts and experiences to blog about. By the way, I’ve just started reading this Norwegian blog written in English, and I particularly recommend his description of why the news isn’t necessarily newsworthy and this little script about blogs vs. “mainstream media”.

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