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Aftenposten even slower than I thought…

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I can’t believe it! This weekend, I noticed that Aftenposten, the largest newspaper in Norway had finally written about Jobs’ brilliant speech – long after I had described it as old, yet still interesting news. Yet another example of how slow Norwegian media can be (my favorite was when they presented Wikipedia … summer 2005!)

But there’s a twist: apparantly the story is in Aftenposten because of my post. One of my high-school teachers read my post, found it interesting and mentioned it to another teacher. She mentioned it to her husband, an Aftenposten journalist, and a day or two later…

Should this annoy me? Maybe, but at least this way, even more people get to read this wonderful speech.

The story, in my teacher’s (Norwegian) words:

 Hei!  La du merke til at Aftenposten skrev om talen til Jobs i helgen?

  The story goes like this:  
1. Jeg leste bloggen din. Fatter interesse for talen hans.  
2. Jeg nevner den for Julia - kanskje hun kan bruke talen i engelsk VK2?  
3. Julia nevner den for sin mann, journalisten.  
4. Journalisten nevner dette for en kollega i Aftenposten.  
5. Kollegaen skriver artikkelen i avisen.  
Minner litt om Inger Hagerup ikke sant? ("I huset bortenfor huset bortenfor..." osv osv)

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